Want to be a SHE vendor or sponsor?

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SHE Can Help Your Business Prosper

SHE can’t do this all this alone. Nor would SHE want to! Our sponsors and vendors bring excitement, information, entertainment and fun to the table. And in turn, SHE provides them an ideal venue to showcase their products and connect face-to-face with thousands of potential customers in a lively, interactive setting.

In case you’ve been wondering, yes — SHE is an evolution of the highly successful Upstate & Columbia Women’s Shows, with a new name and lively vibe that reflect our trendy, upscale female audience. With five years of experience and tens of thousands of past attendees, SHE has the proven track record and marketing savvy to help you find leads and close sales.

Women are powerful consumers! They make 85% of all buying decisions and represent the fastest growing consumer market with the highest buying power! The bottom line is women…

  • Make 80% of all home improvement decisions
  • Make 70% of all travel decisions
  • Purchase a majority of ALL products and services for their families and homes
  • Influence more than 90% of electronic purchases
  • Buy more than 50% of the new cars and trucks sold in the United States
  • Make 55% of all investment decisions
  • Are the gatekeepers for most families health needs


JBM Events Facts:

  • 7 out of 10 attendees plan to buy one or more products they saw at the show
  • 72% say the show influenced their buying decisions
  • 87% of attendees will share information obtained at the Show with others
  • 64% of attendees tell at least six other people about the event

SHE events offer the most effective way to reach the most consumers in the shortest amount of time!



  • Standard 10×10 booth: $595
  • Corner 10×10 booth: $695
  • Bulk space: 500 sq. ft. and up $5 per sq. ft.
  • Non-profit and artist rates: Call for 864-250-9713 details


Included in rental space:

  • 8′ back drape
  • 3’ side drape
  • Company ID sign
  • Vendor badges
  • Company listing in the official event program
  • Company listing and link on SheCola.com
  • Opportunity to purchase discounted guest tickets




For more information about SHE Columbia, please call Sales Director Erica Bittner at 864-250-9713 or Erica@jbmshows.com.