Making Your Home An Extension Of Your Style And Flair

Are you ready for a lively discussion with some of South Carolina’s  leading interior designers and tastemakers?  During this hour a panel of South Carolina’s leading interior designers and tastemakers will explore topics such as the pros and cons of following trends, inexpensive ways to step outside of one’s decorating comfort zone, and which parts of the home deserve investment as people develop their tastes and budgets.


Panelists for “Making Your Home An Extension of Your Style and Flair” at SHE Columbia

Joan Goodwin, Verandah Interiors, Columbia, SC: Known for work that is bold, chic, and has an international flair, Joan Goodwin recently earned the distinction of being named one of the Top 20 African American Interior Designers of 2012 by the famed blog, Pink Eggshell. The vivacious designer has been featured in the Midland’s Parade of Homes in 2000 and 2006, and believes that design is a personal journey, and crafts her process according to each client. Her work has earned recognition by many local publications as well as Architectural Digest and bon apetit.


Joslyn Otis, POSH Interiors, Columbia, SC: Native South Carolinian Joslyn Otis has an easy, relaxed style that is accented with mood-enhancing pops of color. With her business partner, Sarah Roddey, she co-owns POSH Interiors, a retail home décor, art, and furniture store, on Gervais Street in Columbia. The designer is often sought out for her chic and breezy aesthetic and her understanding of a client’s unique personality and how it can be applied to the home.

Christi Edens, Verve Interiors, Columbia, SC: With a background in the visual arts combined with past experience as a kitchen store owner, Christy Edens brings a unique creative energy to her design projects. She joined Ford Boyd’s team at Verve Interiors thirteen years ago and has been delighting clients throughout South Carolina ever since. Her relaxed, sophisticated style has become a trademark that is inspired by the things she loves most: family, home, travel, music, and cooking.


Kimberly Grigg, Knotting Hill Interiors, Myrtle Beach, SC: Kimberly Grigg is a dynamo in life and design. She describes herself as “Zsa Zsa Gabor meets vegetarian”, and her big and welcoming personality wins over her clients and blog readers in an instant. Grigg’s style is opulent yet welcoming, and she will drop into a downward dog or into a messy, muddy project with one of her six children in a heartbeat. Her work has been featured on, Charlotte Style Magazine, Coastal Carolina Home and Lifestyles and other publications. She was named a Maria Killam Certified True Colour Expert and, with her expertise, founded the City of Myrtle Beach’s prestigious Tour of Homes. Grigg earned degrees in business and interior design from Winthrop College and is active in volunteering in her community.


Location: Entertain

Time: Saturday, February 9th at 12pm


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